Kevin Wakefield – Vocalist, Keyboards, Trumpet, Sax, Accordion, Guitar.

Kevin has been entertaining and delighting audiences of all sizes and ages for decades with his versatile voice and variety of instruments.  He has performed in touring groups, variety bands, corporate entertainment acts, theme park shows and worship teams. 

Kevin’s mad scientist approach with the latest in cutting edge techniques and instrument technologies and 30 years experience as an Audio Engineer assures your favorite songs sound just like you remember.  Kevin’s life of the party reputation and larger than life personality makes every Alive and Kicking show explode with energy and excitement. Its been said for as long as he can remember Oh “Kevin’s here, NOW We can Get The Party Started!!” 

Kevin also enjoys his other passion as a Music Teacher.  Kevin teaches music in the public schools and also has a thriving private practice. Kevin loves sharing his knowledge and experience by enabling his students of all ages to discover how music can enrich their lives.

Janet Robel – Keyboard and Vocals

Although Janet’s roots are in classical music, her heart belongs to pop, rock, and soul.  Janet first displayed precocious musical ability as a toddler, plunking out the opening motif of Beethoven’s 5th symphony on the piano by ear.  She began private piano lessons at age 6 and competed in Music Fest Northwest for several years, winning numerous “Superior” ratings and medals. Janet continued her piano studies with Kendall Feeney at Eastern Washington University, graduating with BA in music.

Janet is a highly skilled and sought-after piano accompanist, having held positions in the music department at Whitworth University, and currently serving as music director for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.  She was house pianist for Center Stage Theatre and provided music direction for productions of “Gypsy,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and “The Christmas Schooner” at Spokane Civic Theater. Janet has played for Spokane Opera and extensively at theater companies throughout the area.  Favorite performances include the Who’s “Tommy,” and most recently, as pianist for Bernstein’s “West Side Story” with the Spokane Symphony. With all those diverse skills, how can she not be the ultimate Piano Gal for all your go to Pop, Rock, Country and Funky Jams!!!!

Rick Wakefield – Drums

The passion for music revealed itself to Rick during Elementary School. Throughout High School and college Rick studied Jazz, classical, music theory, piano, voice, and percussion. In addition to his studies, Rick competed at all PASIC music competition levels, and was an integral part to the EWU percussion ensemble. The ensemble would go on to be the first In EWU history to take 1st place in the competition. The romance of a ROCK BAND was extremely intoxicating to Rick, and after University studies, the life of unrelenting touring and preforming quickly became the new normal. Rick dedicated his young adult life to the band LION; making countless Demos, Singles, Album recordings and video shoot’s. Rick’s relentless pursuit grew his band’s audience from the small bar and casual stage, to Radio, TV, and ultimately to the National Arena Status.

Raising a family he parked the drum kit for a season, only return with a renewed Passion. Seeing the joyous expression on the faces while storming the dance floor to blow off a little steam from the day to day ho-hum is why he truly enjoys playing in a band and sharing the gift of music.

Ah yes; “to be back in a band”!

Steve – Guitar, Keyboard, and Vocals

Steve was driven to playing music by his love of music at a tender age. He is a multi-instrumentalist, versed in guitar, electric bass, drums and some banjo, mandolin and keyboards. He also sings lead and backing vocals. He has performed with numerous live bands and has been a hired gun for a few local acts as well. Steve brings energy and vitality to any performance.

Alexandra Rannow – Vocals & Guitar

Alexandra has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Eastern Washington University. She has a voice studio where she teachers a range of styles from CCM to classical, has music directed productions for several schools and community theaters, and is the choir director at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cheney. She enjoys an active performance career as a soloist, bandleader, and chorus member, and in her spare time she likes swim, read true crime novels, and make food for loved ones.  Her fun loving personality, stage presence and dynamic vocals always keeps the crowd enthused and involved.

Paul Plowman – Saxophone, Flute, Vocals

Played in back up bands for: Bob Hope, Donald Oconnor, Jay Leno, the Moody Blues, Natalie Cole, Ray Charles, Toni Tenille, Bernadette Peters, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Cash and many others.

Masters Degree in Bassoon performance from EWU Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies from California State University LA (music arranging) Bachelors Degree in Education from EWU.

Performs professionally on the bassoon/contra bassoon, all saxophones, all flutes, all clarinets, oboe/English horn electric bass.

John Watson – Bass, Guitar, Vocals

John has been playing bass for, what seems to be, a life time. He’s played in many bands across the US from LA to New Orleans and Seattle. John’s great ear has led him to be a first pick bassist with many bands for emergency work. John loves playing bass, acoustic guitar and singing lead/backup vocals. With John’s energetic vitality on stage you would think the guy never sleeps. Local bands such as Branded Heart, Sunny Nights, and Gigawatt, have been some of the stops along his journey. Bringing the hard hitting bottom end is his forte to make you DANCE.